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Effect section

generates unique images with a few mouse clicks Uses Mystica images as well as clipboard images as input
adds special effects to images (e.g. 3D lighting) Filter section: soften, sharpen, edge enhancement, erode, dilate, special filters, variable kernel size, blend with input
lets you fly, drive, or walk through your image in 3D 3D Lighting section: light position, lilght height, light color, shadow color, specularity, blend result with input
creates movies from two image definitions and allows to save them in any compressed video format Layer section: input can be Mystica image or clipboard content, endless layering, variable magnification and brightness, layer mode: add, sub, and, or, xor, blend, blend result with input
exports images in all major graphics formats Color section: brightness, contrast, gamma
HTML gallery generator for images and movies included Thread managed rendering and previewing
constantly improved since 1998  

Image generation

 3D engine

compose image out of any 2*6 base algorithm mixture builds 3D world from 2D image, input either Mystica images or arbitrary images through clipboard
move, zoom, rotate the viewport lets you fly, drive and walk by different objects  through your world: helicopter, car, virtual camera or human
move and select region of interest by mouse realistic flight, drive, and walk physics with auto pilots
intelligent random functions for finding nice initial image parameters adaptive ground tesselation to allow for huge worlds
store and manage presets for image content and coloring flexible particle engine
continuesly add chaotic structures precise collision detection for both objects and world
arbitrary sophisticated coloring animated sky and dust layer
continuos linear to exponential color fading shaded diffuse and specular lighting
tool tips, online and offline help take infinitely viewing distance screenshots from any position
save image with all parameter settings for later editing or rendering various surface materials, ranging from solid colored surfaces to reflecting transluent glass
export image as bitmap in all major graphics formats zoomable map that follows object position
render image in various sizes from web graphics to digital art adjustable screen resolution and color depth
renders in background, intelligent render queue with own image manager scales to user system capabilities
unlimited undo levels realtime dynamic shadows
snapshot functions for both 2D and 3D content 3D sound
editable previews for both image design and coloring high rendering speed, independent of world size
continuos iteration depth unlimited video recording
control elements for changing subtle design while preserving main image characteristics constant frame rates through dynamic viewing distance adaptation
own ".mys" image format to restore all image parameters options menu lets you balance between fps and viewing distance
HTML gallery generator to help organize your creations realtime profile visualisation

See Info for a graphical overview.

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