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 Take the Mystica tour, click images to zoom.

This is the image definition screen that allows
to create ingenious artwork with a couple
of mouse clicks.
Snapshots, unlimited undo and redo levels as well as extendable presets help in finding unique images.
A Chaos slider allows to continually add chaotic structures, a Sequence button presents variations while preserving the image character. Coloring is done in layers with adjustable transparency.

Each control is described here.

A very interesting feature is the video generation. Take any of your created images and define a belonging second image. All video frames are automatically generated as a transition between the two images.

Videos can be exported in all video formats (divx, mpeg4 etc). Mystica comes with an integrated video player that allows to copy individual video frames as images.
Videos can be edited and extended even after rendering, hence allowing for complex creations.
See the video tutorial for details.

Once an image or video is defined, it is moved to the "Render Queue". The queue takes care of rendering in selectable sizes of up to 8000x6000 pixels. Rendering is done by a separate thread in background until all images are ready.

Once an image or video is rendered, it is moved to the Gallery.

The Gallery contains all images and videos that have been rendered. All settings are still available and can be edited by going back to the design or movie screens.

Assets can be opened, copied, and exported in all major graphic formats. The ".mys" format allows saving and reloading the image or video together with all settings.

An HTML gallery generator creates galleries and optionally adds the ".mys" file for later reloading.
Digital effects enhance your art in a variety of ways.
Different filters of adjustable kernel size, layers and a special 3D lighting section are at hand.

Any image source can be pasted as effect or layer input; similarly, the output can be looped back to input or assigned to any layer.

Both the original and final image are saved with all settings for later editing. Effects can be assigned to each movie frame.
See the effect tutorial for details.
The fun part of Mystica is the third dimension. Your images are recomputed into a height field which can be explored interactively by means of helicopter, virtual camera, off-road Jeep or a walking human. This is pure fun!

Take snapshots from any position and experience your virtual world in 3D, see below.

You can also paste arbitrary images from the
clipboard and experience them in 3D!

These are actual screenshots of the 3D part.

Take a ride through your landscape and shoot 3D screenshots of your 2D image - or record a video from your tour through your world!



Finally, here's an overview of the Mystica work flow:

      HTML          &         image + Video
    Gallery                             Export
image Renderer
image Gallery
3D Engine

For more information, visit the Tutorials.

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