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 How to import and process your own photos

Importing images is useful for four reasons:

  • use the effect section to apply effects or quick edit brightness/contrast/gamma

  • blend imported images with Mystica images

  • fly your imported images in 3D

  • use Mystica's gallery generator for creating HTML pages fo your photos

First, select your image to import and hit copy to put it into the clipboard. Note that you need to copy the bitmap itself, not just the filename.

Open Mystica and click on the effects tab (select an image from the gallery in order to select the effects page). Then hit paste (top left) to import the image.

You now can do everything as with Mystica images - apply effects, mix image and explore your imported image in 3D. If you only want to explore your images in 3D,
go directly to the "Explore 3D" window and click on "paste from clipboard".

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