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 How to create inspiring images

First, we need an interesting foundation for our image. There are three ways to achieve this:

  • Go to the "Design" tab in Mystica. Click the random settings button multiple times until a useful image design appears:

  • In "Design", cycle through the presets. Mystica comes with an initial set of preset images. Feel free to extent the collection with your own creations:

  • Download mystica images from the gallery and alter them:
    Exit your mystica session
    Click here to see the gallery
    Click on any ".mys" and open it. This will start Mystica and add the image to the gallery. Then, click the "Edit" button to bring up the Design window

Once a useful image source is found, we proceed by adapting the viewport to focus on the image section we are interested in. Pan the image by holding left mouse button down and moving the mouse while in the viewport window. Similarly, zoom by clicking the magnifier button and drawing a rectangle which will become the new viewport.

Next, check out the algorithm slider:
Move the slider slowly to left and right and check if the image improves. Remember to use the multilevel undo and redo buttons to go back and forth in your edit history.

Now do the same with the chaos slider:
The slider adds more chaotic structures to your image when moving to the right or left side. the central position usually gives asmooth low frequency image content.

Again, refine your viewport by mouse. Take a snapshot of your image ("Save" button) and see if you can alter the image even more while preserving its overall design.
Use the shuffle button to do so:
Hit the button multiple times. The deeper the zoom level, the stronger the changes.
If the results are not better, click the "Load" button to revert the changes.

Finally, set the iteration depth:
Start in the leftmost position and move the slider to the right until all details are visible. Setting high positions will increase rendering time and rarely improve the image compared to a central position.

You should see now an interesting design that still misses the most important feature: proper coloring.
An explanation of the color controls is here.

The best color schemes can be found in the following way:
Use 2 or 3 of the 5 color tabs to assign the basic colors. Then enable the next free color block and assign a bright color. Move the "Width" slider to the left. Now start with a leftmost "Distribution" slider  position and go slowly to the right until you are satisfied with the color highlight.


The following Mystica generated video shows the effect of just moving the highlight position from left to right: video (500k)    .mys file
See how placing the highlight position improves the image and completely changes the perceived volume depending on where it is placed.
Use the transparency slider to dim the highlight effect.

Once you are satisfied with image design and color, click the DONE button to render it. Then, apply effects.

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